Weekly Grist Gallery, January 22, 2011

Hiding in plain sight

A short trip down a county road revealed some of Mother Nature's treasures. Free and there for the taking, hiding in plain sight. And of course, an old barn.

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  • JOE6071-2
    This low spot on County Road 75 in Jefferson County, Arkansas, is now flooded. Most of the time it will be dry. On this winter day the angle of the sun illumiminated the trees behind the wet spot and put the trees in the foreground in the shadows. A spectacular and lucky find. You had to be there.
  • JOE6096-3-flat
    A tighter view
  • JOE6096-3
    A tighter crop.
  • JOE6168
    Not far from the low spot is a barn at a rural residence. We believe the barn was originally built shortly after World War II. The current owner has kept up maintenance of the barn which is in current use as well, a barn.
  • JOE6176-4
    X marks the spot. This woodland stream snakes close to the road and reveals the letter X rendered by Mother Nature with trees.