Weekly Grist Gallery, February 13, 2011

Snow birds

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas we received about six to seven inches of the snow. The storm was a daytime event so we were able to watch the progress. Pat Dempsey, my roommate and wife, in a mission of mercy, loaded our bird feeder several times. Since we were the only game in the neighborhood we were inundated with Cardinals, Chickadees, English Sparrows, and one lonely Red Bellied Woodpecker. They put on a fine show. We shot the action from an open window, using the house as a blind. See the stories behind the pictures here and here.

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  • JOE6296
    The male cardinals staked their claims early.
  • JOE6316
    It appears to be the eternal triangle. Which is the girl friend and which is the wife?
  • JOE6317
    Now we know
  • JOE6329-3
    This big boy is giving the camera a quick glance.
  • JOE6330
    Maybe a different outlook on life will explain things.
  • JOE6338
    The snow continues.
  • JOE6347
    Neighbors eye each other with caution.
  • JOE6365
    Cleared for landing on runway one and two.
  • JOE6380
    Eyeing the spoils, getting ready to make his move.
  • JOE6446-3
    This twig is close to the window from which I shot. Only the most curious birds would land on it.
  • JOE6454
    Fat, but maybe not so happy under the circumstances.
  • JOE6466
    Caught in the act.
  • JOE6577
    Precursor to a turf battle.
  • JOE6608
    A Red-Bellied Woodpecker shows up to join the fun.
  • JOE6616
    They are not speaking,
  • JOE6629
    Step away from the birdseed, we have you surrounded.
  • JOE6644
    A neighborhood gathering
  • JOE6672-2
    Sometimes, a girl has to just get away from it all.