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The dog did not cooperate

drop-caphe assignment here was to photograph a man and his dog, presumably in a safe, warm environment. Turns out, the dog was freaked out by the camera and fill flash. I fired more than fifty shots in this shoot and in only one was the dog, Freckles, a fine family pet, anywhere near cooperative. Even though the dog was good in this picture, the man was not and the furniture was askew. Photo manipulation was the answer and saved the day.

man and dog

The only shot out of 50 where the dog was OK.

man and his dog enhanced

The resulting picture after revisions. In this case, the picture was used in a print ad which was on deadline. Since the probability of getting a good shot of the dog was not good, photo manipulation was the only answer. I used components from four other pictures made during the shoot to complete this photo-manipulation composite.

I made the following revisions to this image: