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The L.A. snow storm of March 2008

dropca[ major snow event here in L.A. (lower Arkansas) is as rare as hair on frogs. March 7, 2008, there must have been some hairy frogs somewhere because a major snow event materialized. These pictures were shot in Pine Bluff, Arkansas during the storm. A major snow event in these environs is generally anything over two inches. Elsewhere in this nation, nary an eyebrow is raised at a mere two inches of snow, but here it's a big deal. Turns out, the total was seven inches in about eight hours or so. Rare indeed. Probably 10 or more years will tick off the clock before the next occurence of this magnitude.

camellia in snow The camellia bush outside our kitchen window.

trinity episcopal church pine bluff arkansas

Trinity Episcopal Church. The cornerstone for this structure was laid in 1862. Unfortunately, the War Between the States interrupted construction, as most able bodied men went to fight in the war. Once the unpleasantness was settled, the men came home and finished the church.

conrail locomotive in snow

This Conrail locomotive sallies forth on Union Pacific rails under, one would presume, some sort of interline agreement, since this is not Conrail country. The engineer waved and seemed pleased to be shot.

harbor oaks golf club fairway

Looking across the fairway at Harbor Oaks Golf Club. Duffers were home watching the tube today.

Yield sign in snow storm

To whom? Traffic is light today.

harbor oaks golf club trees in snow

More fairway trees. No golfers. No dogs. Lots of white stuff.

fishing pier in snow storm

Fishing pier in the Pine Bluff Jefferson County Regional Park. The fish caught a break today.

harbor oaks golf club putting green in snow

Harbor Oaks putting green. Big wind in this shot. Look at the flags.

Entergy truck in snow

The last shot of the shoot. Six blocks from home. My pickup cab is cluttered with lenses, which I changed frequently. My camera card is full of history. A cool afternoon in more than one way. The emergency pickup truck is following a boom truck. The trucks are from Entergy, the electrical utility. The guys are keeping the juice flowing.